The Perils of Writing an Online Dating Profile: 5 Tips for the Perfect Profile

I was hanging out with one of my oldest friends one recent Friday night; a successful and attractive single girl looking to meet some interesting people in a new city. Talk turned to her plans to create an online dating profile, something that you would imagine would be fairly simple. However, it seems that there are indeed numerous pitfalls and perils when creating the perfect dating profile. After all, how do you summarise your life, personality and aspirations within a brief paragraph? Moreover, how can you use this paragraph to market yourself as a potential date, lover or indeed a future spouse?  

However, creating an online dating profile can actually be pretty fun and is an opportunity for you to take time out to reflect upon what you want within a potential relationship. Make sure that write clearly and use the sort of grammar that would make your old English Teacher proud. Here are just five foolproof tips to get you started:              

  1. Positivity. Approach your dating profile with a sunny disposition. A positive, confident approach to life is deeply attractive. Try to mention aspects of your personality that highlight your kindness and ability to interact with others for example through activities such as volunteering. Avoid arrogance and waffling like rain.   
  2. Honesty. Don’t make up your age, weight or job to sound more impressive. This isn’t just unfair on those viewing your profile, it will also inevitably backfire on you big time. Remember, no-one out there is really looking for Ms. Perfect, they are just looking for Ms. Perfect for them. Rather than put on a front, instead think about and focus on what is genuinely important to you and try and convey this in a couple of sentences whether it be your family or your pet dog or finding time everyday to read an interesting book.      
  3. Individuality. Make yourself stand out and avoid cliches like the plague. Remember that pretty much everyone likes going to the cinema and hanging out with their friends so try and be a bit more specific. Not only will this make you more memorable but it will also be a great conversation starter with those you end up meeting up with. For example, if you “like to try new things” make sure to show not tell. Mention one thing that you have done recently where you tried out something new be it ice skating or deep sea diving.   
  4. Pictures. A poll by Marie Claire found that 96% of people would find a happy smile to be more appealing than a sexy pout. Moreover, pictures taken during the summertime are seen to be more attractive so dig out your jolliest holiday snaps.
  5. Be direct (within reason). Let potential dates know what it is you are looking for. If you are looking for a long term, fulfilling relationship then don’t be afraid to come out and say so. Moreover, if you are just looking for a bit of fun then just come out and say it.        

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