Seven Seriously Kickass Girl Groups that you need to listen to right now.

Even after the heavenly vocal chords of Nina Simone, after the riot grrrl movement, after the world conquering force that is Beyonce, people still insist that creating powerful, fiery music is a boys game. This is particularly obvious when it comes to the, usually frustrating, discussion all girl bands whereby talented girl drummers and guitarists are seen as somewhat of a novelty. However, there are so many awesome girl bands out there who are proving the doubters wrong. Here are just seven awe inspiring girl bands to make your day.

  1. Cocorosie. An aching, eerily distinctive vocal style lingers in your head long after you’ve stopped listening. They music often covers haunting discomforting themes, reflected in the gothic style of many of their music videos. Cocorosie aren’t afraid to tackle hard hitting female issues through their lyrics, for example through the gut wrenching song Child Bride.         
  2. Girlpool. Californian punk rock duo with punchy lyrics and shrill, furious vocals. All fists, outrage and dirt. Girlpool has all the angst and passion of two girls in their late teens yet with the self awareness, cynicism and humour of slightly older women. If you want to listen to songs about thumping terrible guys in the mouth then this ones for you. Bloody satisfying stuff after a bad breakup.      
  3. Dum Dum Girls. One of my favourite established bands, male or female. Flawless bass guitar riffs, catchy as hell songs and boldly diverse and experimental style. These girls can make you dance one minute and tear up the next. Singer Guitarist Dee Dee Penny has the strong, smouldering stage presence akin to Pat Benatar or Chrissie Hynde, artists whose influences, amongst others, shimmer throughout the three albums to date.
  4. Honeyblood. Cherry sweet vocal performances that sound upbeat even with lyrics such as “I will hate you forever. You really do disgust me”. I could listen to these girls all day, and in fact I think that I’m going to. Bright, sparky indie pop packed with attitude that shows all the bland indie boy band acts how it’s done. Listening to Honeyblood will make you want to run away on an all girls road trip.   
  5. La Luz. Seattle based La Luz create defiant music that remains fearless even after surviving a high impact car crash. Their sound is psychedelic surf guitar music, delivered through gorgeous four piece vocals and will make you feel nostalgic for 1960s girl groups, even if you weren’t actually around in the ‘60s. Listen to on a summers afternoon for full sundrenched effect.   
  6. Skating Polly. Grungy, addictive stuff that you won’t be able to sit still to. The sheer, raw energy of this talented duo is infectious. Multitalented step sisters Kelli Mayo and Peyton Bighorse were only nine and fourteen years old respectively when they first formed the band, which is a realisation that has seriously made me reevaluate my life decisions. Their style is super eclectic, borrowing from both indie pop and riot grrl sounds, however their sound is always their own: distinctive and super fun.        
  7. Warpaint. Soothing, harmonious voices with a musical tone and style sometimes reminiscent of The Raincoats. Listening to a Warpaint album can at times can feel like walking through a series of slightly disconcerting dreams. Warpaint’s eleven years of existence have solidified their reputation as a hypnotic shoegaze band that juxtaposes its chilled melodies with intense and often erotic lyrics. Like all great female led bands they play on the endless paradoxes that come through being a woman. Great writing music.       



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