Health + Nutrition: What to eat after a weekend of partying

Hangover food is one of those funny areas. You feel like there is an almighty warzone in your skull and a triple tornado in your belly. You do not feel like thinking sensibly about nutrition. Nor are you really in the humour to be rustling up some Nigella style masterpiece. Admittedly, after I feel steady enough to descend the stairs I tend to crave grease and salt. None of which exactly screams wellbeing and can actually be detrimental to your hangover recovery. Greasy food such as good old bacon butties for example can act as an irritant for your already queasy tummy and should really be avoided.

Luckily, there are plenty of yummy and nutritious foods to see you through your hangover in a (relatively) painless way. Now all you need is plenty of pillows, a duvet and a decent, but none taxing, box set.

  1. Peppermint tea. Switch that sugary strong coffee for a soothing cup of peppermint tea which gently massages your overly sensitive stomach from the inside. Peppermint tea can help tame those disorientating waves of nausea which can so often be the worst part of the hangover “Journey”. I personally get mega affected by the chemicals in cheap wine which can make my stomach feel as though it is sailing solo on the rocky seas the next day. Therefore, I try to opt for day-after beverages that are simple, comforting and natural. Other teas that work wonders include prickly pear tea, chamomile tea and green tea. If you can then finish your tea of with a slice of hangover defying lime and a grating of tummy-loving ginger.
  2. Oats. Make like the three bears and grab yourself a nice bowl of hot porridge for an instant energy boost. Oats are a vitamin packed super food that will help you rebuild your strength. If you are up to it then add a generous swirl of toxin slaying honey; a spoonful of this sweet stuff is proven to help you burn away the alcohol in your system, meaning that your body can recover quicker. A few almonds stirred into your porridge can also do wonders for that much needed energy boost.
  3. Beans on toast. I was very happy to hear about this particular hangover cure, as it also happens to be one of my all time favourite comfort foods. It is also a deceptive little number, being seemingly built to combat the toilet hugging blues. Beans are stuffed to the brim with fibre and folic acid. They are also a brilliant source of protein which will help your poor, misused body on the way to recovery. Toast is, obviously, a godsend from the saints of the spinning room. Carbohydrates are magical in that they mop up all the nasty remnants of alcohol in your system. Plus, that bland yet comforting bready taste is easy for your zambuka clogged taste buds to handle. Some insist that toast works best as a hangover cure if it’s a little on the crunchy, charred side.   
  4. Spinach and mushroom omelette. Eggs are your best friends when you are feeling a bit scrambled.  They help to give your body a thorough spring clean to rid it of any nasty lurking antitoxins. Mushrooms are full of B vitamins which support and protect your liver, super important for long term health. Spinach, as anyone who has ever watched Popeye will know, transforms you into a phenomenally strong superhero ready to take on anything that the world might throw at you.
  5. Broth. Always make sure that you have a good batch of homemade broth in your freezer for days like this; rich in vegetable based minerals and nutrients to help you get your glow back. Broth rehydrates you which is vital after consuming large quantities of alcohol which can be dangerously dehydrating. It is also easy for your fragile digestive system to process, and so has a low heave factor. Serve with a few doorstep slices of fresh, spongy carb filled wholemeal bread. Perfect.

What’s your go to foodie cure for a hangover? Let us know!              


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