Five best pizza places in Manchester

I don’t know if there are many things more satisfying that having a really decent, piping hot slice of pizza. All too often we rely on the, frankly overpriced, big name pizza brands to satisfy our cheesy cravings. However, there really is no need as Manchester city centre is bursting with high quality, independent Pizza Parlours with flavours that will knock your socks off. Throw your super brand menu’s in the recycling bin and check out this scrummy lot.      

  1. Slice. My personal favourite. I used to work about 30 seconds from Slice and, if my waistband would have allowed, would have eaten there every single lunch time. Think super thin, crisp bases and light, tasty toppings. They are also cut into neat little squares that you can nibble on delicately without getting your fingers too greasy. Slice also offers some seriously delicious ice cream for afters that you can enjoy on the outside seating area on a sunny day. Authentic, italian style bliss.   
  2. Dough. Dough is pretty great for more selective eaters; there are tasty pizza options for those who are gluten free, and even dairy free. As the name suggests, this pizza place prides itself on the artisan quality of its dough which makes for the best bases in Manchester. A range of speciality dough bases are on offer to suit every palate, all topped with a range of fresh, seasonal ingredients.         
  3. Crazy Pedro’s Part Time Pizza Parlour. For sheer inventiveness, try Crazy Pedro’s Part Time Pizza Parlour. Where else will you get a pizza topped with nachos, hot dogs or waffles? This is also the funnest pizza place that you are likely to find. It is basically a full time party bar complete with boozy milkshakes, tequila and a chilled out vibe.     
  4. Artisan. Great for when you want to feel a bit swish, but you also just really crave a good, solid pizza. Spinningfields based Artisan is super stylish and on trend; complete with art installations and regular live music acts. Their rustic, wood fired pizzas taste fabulous when paired with their good selection of beers and come in a variety of experimental and slightly off the wall flavours. Perfect for that relaxed yet classy date night.
  5. Dogs and Dough. If you like big, cheesy, magnificently overblown pizzas packed with all your favourite toppings and then some then this is absolutely the place for you. Dogs and Dough even have a pretty amazing dessert pizza for those of who firmly believe that pizza should be a staple of every meal. This dessert pizza come topped with nostalgia inducing nutella and marshmallows and a choice of sugary sweet toppings that will make your inner child jump up and down. Great for an evening of laughs with your mates.      

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