The scent of summer

Five perfumes that perfectly bottle that summer day feeling

The Scent of Summer: Five Perfumes that perfectly bottle that Sunny Day Feeling

What does summer smell like to you? For me, its the scent of freshly cut grass, when the baked earth underneath is moist with sprinkler splash. Its the smell of sun cream mixed with perspiration. Its that tickle of lemonade in your nostrils when you take the first thirsty slurp. If somebody could bottle the scent of boiling beer soaking into wood or the scent of the roots of your hair starting to scorch, cooled barbeque ash then this would pretty much sum up summer for me. Of course, scents are personal dependent on person to person as it first and foremost a psychological sense, mixed intrinsically with a person’s memories and sense of nostalgia.

Summer has connotations of freedom. For many of us, the long school summer holidays was our first understanding of seemingly unbridled freedom. So much freedom in fact that we didn’t know what to do with it, leaving the disorientating feeling that it will last forever . Summer is for many of us the time when we travel, have long awaited holidays and therefore with link summer with a sense of escape from the norm. Memories are made during summer, arguably more so than any other season. According to some Psychologists, summer is the best time to have short term relationships, meaning that this time of year can dredge up fond or bittersweet recollections for some. Therefore, it is unsurprising that summer, both as a season and as a concept, is a Perfumer’s dream.

  1. Daisy Sunshine Delights, Marc Jacobs. This is a very romantic, petal light perfume with a juicy core. It is reminiscent of a warm breeze through an orchard in full bloom with on the branch ripe notes of crisp, green apple. Floral and feminine, this perfume contains a thoughtful bouquet of peony, quince flower and freesia. One of the most uplifting perfumes that you will find in the shops this summer.     
  2. Sunshine, Library of Fragrance. I absolutely love the library of fragrance range for their sheer inventiveness. This has certainly not disappointed and reminds me of a bottled liquidated beach bag that has picked up all those tiny, minimal, sneeze-and-you-will-miss-it scents of summer. The geniuses at the Library of fragrance have captured mellow notes of sun warmed cotton and suntan lotion, with the aim of reminding you of your favourite fresh-on-today summer T Shirt. This gorgeously affordable scent is an instant pick me up, even on the cloudiest of days.      
  1. Clean Fresh Laundry Eau de Parfum, Escentual. If you crave that scent of fresh, drying laundry billowing in a light breeze as you read that long neglected juicy bestseller then this is for you. Subtle notes of grass (my catnip) are complemented by a gentle zesty hints of citrus. However, the core scents are Rose Otto and Night Blooming Jasmine are particularly lovely and give you the sense of relaxing in an old fashioned English flower garden. This is a perfect, understated day perfume that enhances the natural scent of your skin rather than conceals it.       
  1. Wood Sage & Sea Salt Cologne, Jo Malone. Fans of Poldark will lap this up This is fitting homage to the wildly, dramatic British coastline: you can smell the moss, feel the sea salt spray in the nape of your neck. Think towering cliffs, crashing Daphne De Maurier esque waves and murky smuggler’s caves. For those who love rugged earthy scents with woody undertones, and I do, this is a real treat. The mineral and sage notes give this the whirlwind freshness of coastal storms.    


  1. CK One Summer 2014, Calvin Klein. This is a mates holiday in a (fittingly) liquid form. Think huge jugs of sangria, hangovers in a sticky deckchair and being thrown screaming into the hotel swimming pool against your will. And I mean this in the best possible way.  If dancing badly in flip flops whilst feeling like Beyonce could have a scent, then this would it. This sweet as sugar perfume is based playfully on the scent of tequila and has strong tropical notes of coconut, melon and grapefruit. Perfect for those summer nights out that turn into days.     

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