Is Vladimir Putin the ultimate egocentric individual?

Five reasons as to why Vladimir Putin is the ultimate egocentric individual

4 Reasons why Vladimir Putin is the ultimate Egocentric individual

Russia is a beautiful country with a rich and varied history, a sophisticated and distinctive culture and a canon of literature that puts English writers to shame. My partner is Russian and so I have gained somewhat of a sentimental affection over the years for borsch, russian driving videos and stern yet elaborate religious iconography. There are too many complex social issues to explore within the constraints of one article. It is a place of high standards of education but low career prospects, a diverse mix of local ethnicities but deep racial tensions. It is a place that boasts gilded wedding cake churches alongside homes where whole families share one drafty bedroom. Russia has one of the highest murder rates in the world yet the issue of the spreading of “gay propaganda” is apparently seen to be the largest social threat.      

Russia has been tossed about by some pretty rough tides. By the Tsar Nicholas regime, by communism, by the fall of the Soviet Union. Russian citizens are used to being told what to believe and how and then have relearn it all over again with new rules. It is a country that is ultimately vulnerable to authoritarian rule. Enter Vladimir Putin:  meglomaniac extraordinaire. There are more reasons that there are characters allowed in this particular article, but these five reasons are enough to show how President Vladimir Putin is the ultimate Egocentric individual.

  1. He has used his position to gain power for a ridiculous amount of time. Queen Elizabeth II must be shaking under her crown at the new “royal” in town out to steal her title of longest serving Monarch. Really, please just refresh your memory as to how long he has actually been about. Putin first officially became President in 2000 after the unexpected resignation of Boris Yeltsin. Even when this guy hasn’t been technically the President in terms of title pulling the strings like the sinister Disney villain that he most definitely is. Putin is now serving his third term as Russian President. His last presidential election win in 2012 was met with much criticism due to strong evidence of ballot box stuffing and general electoral wankery.       
  2. He exploits the strong religious beliefs of Russian citizens in order to be seen as an almost holy, irreplaceable figure. Under the communist regime, Russians weren’t allowed to practise the Russian Orthodox religion. Many churches and holy relics were destroyed and Orthodox Priests murdered. This history is something that is still very painful to many of those in the Russian Orthodox faith and their ability to practise this faith is widely viewed as an act of freedom in the post soviet society. It is through this medium that Putin makes the personal political.     
  3. He is continually being photographed or reported doing ridiculously manly things, like a weird homophobic Action Man doll but without the ear to ear grin. Whether it’s fighting a tiger or discovering deep sea treasure, Action Putin seems super keen to style himself as somewhat of a meme. This has even given him somewhat of a sex symbol status amongst Russian ladies. Read any Russian womens magazine and you will start to get a feel for the sheer bizarreness of it all. A couple of years ago, I went to see the James Bond film Skyfall with a Russian girl acquaintance who told me, with a completely straight face, that Daniel Craig reminded her very much of President Putin. I very nearly choked on my popcorn.
  4. He had the outright audacity to make his former Gymnastics Star girlfriend Alina Kabayeva, a huge, overblown part of the Sochi Winter Olympics, as a Flag Bearer in the opening ceremony no less. She is a talented Gymnast sure but please bear in mind that she was placed between the first Russian woman in space and an iconic Russian Film Director. As a fairly minor Sporting Celeb, there is no way that she can be placed in even the same context as these guys. But yep, just like everything else Putin can’t resist making an occasion that should be a cause for national pride and celebration all about himself.           

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